Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where is Corky?

GlandularDisorder writes:

"Corky, where have you been?"

I've been in meatspace for the past couple of months due to the birth of my son, Ascii Tiberius Gibson SteamJedi Devereaux. Now that I'm back in the meme-sphere, I'm wondering if I should keep maintaining this cyber-log! I'm so jaw-droppingly busy. So I pose the question to you, my steamy cyberphants: do you want me to come back? Reply to this text-cast and let me know!


Porter's momma said...

I think you are so entertaining...you have to come back! Of course, we understand if you are too busy. Having a newborn in the house makes life ultra crazy. Congratulations.

Coalpunk Commentcraft said...

Come back, Corky, pl0x! But firsties, remove all references to Soilent Green. Kthxbye.

habbi said...

don't give up d00d!!!

you are painfully, unbelievably, achingly, ironically FUN!

i meme mine said...

don't stop!