Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama to Steampunks: Eat Shit and Die

Fuck you, Barack Obama. Fuck. You.

You KNEW I was slated to speak last night at the Second Annual Cleveland Steamers Convention. You KNEW it was going to be cyber-casted across the aetherweb. I sent you the official press release THREE WEEKS ago. I sent you dozens of cyber-text-mails -- which went unanswered. I left you at least 30 electro-voice-messages in the past week alone, informing you that I would be speaking and to please show some common courtesy and re-schedule your acceptance speech at the DNC.

But instead of doing the right thing, you went ahead with your plan and gave your speech anyway. And as a final insult, your speech mentioned nothing -- zilch, zero, nada -- about the jaw-dropping role that the steam engine played in shaping this nation.

I cannot in good conscience vote for an anti-steampunk candidate like yourself.

I also cannot vote for you, because I am Canadian.

Fuck you, Barack Obama.

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