Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing our new forum moderator

As you all know I am a prolific and opinionated CYleBERty. My literary output is nothing less than jaw-dropping: As of today, I have published 77 novels, 244 short stories, 23,921 articles, and an astonishing 94,090,322 blog postings. Now some of you sourpusses will probably say "But Corky, your last eight novels and your last 120 stories were just compilations of blog postings, interspersed with random clippings from software manuals!" Well, poopy heads, I have news for you. Your opinion no longer matters, because there's a new cyber-sherriff in town, here to protect me from you meanies.

Meet Terezzza Nickerson Harridan, Hooray For Everything's new forum moderator. Besides being my trusted friend and cyber-colleague, Terezzza is the inventor of "ampu-texting", a proven technique for ridding cyber-forums of people like you who seem to have nothing better to do with your lives than come into my website and make comments that hurt my feelings. On her own blog, PassingWind, Terezzza has used ampu-texting for the past four years to keep her site clean and sterile. And before you start yelling censorship, you should know that Ampu-texting is not censorship. It is simply the removal of all text from a post. The post still exists, and the poster's opinion is still intact, but the text itself has been completely removed.

Give Terezzza a warm welcome, and stay tuned for more information, including Hooray For Everything's posting guidelines.

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