Friday, May 30, 2008

Excerpt from Corky's interview with Bill Gibson

William Gibson, godfather of cyberpunk and a very close personal friend of mine (I call him Bill), sat down with me (virtually, that is, via cybertalk -- what might be called a 'telephone' in meatspace) for a hearty discussion ranging from his next novel (inspired, in part, by my ideas surrounding calendar reform) to how much his writing has influenced mine. Here's a cyber-snippet I transcribed for your reading pleasure:

CD: Hi Bill, nice talking with you today.
BG: Um... hello. Who is this again?
CD: Heh heh. Bill, it's me, Corky!
BG: Who?
CD: Corky Devereaux! Stop kidding around! Heh heh! So, about your new novel, I understand that --
BG: Who are you? Who gave you this number?

Anyway, he's a real kidder. We're old cyber-friends, going way back. Stay tuned for a textcasting of the entire jaw-jarring conversation, coming soon.


William Gibson said...

Stop calling me or I'll track you down and rip your fucking lungs out.

Corky Devereaux said...

Bill, I love the way we can joke, just like old friends. It's heart-warmingly amazing.